Jul 12, 2024

Virgin Assent of Jugal Peaks by Korean and Nepali expedition!

Virgin Assent of Jugal Peaks by Korean and Nepali expedition!

KATHMANDU, April 06:To celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Nepal and South Korea, a joint expedition comprising three Nepali mountaineers and seven Korean mountaineers is set to embark on a historic virgin ascent of Jugal I and Jugal II, two newly opened peaks in the Jugal Himal range.

South Korea's Um Hong Gil and Nepal’s Dawa Yajum Sherpa will lead the expedition. It is scheduled from April 7th to April 25th and will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Puspa Kamal Dahal, on April 6th.

Milan Tamang, Chairman of Jugal VDC, expressed readiness to prepare the necessary infrastructure for the expedition, including locations to land helicopters. While acknowledging that not all infrastructure is perfectly ready, Tamang assured that preparations are underway, and the experience of the climbers should mitigate any challenges. Key facilities at the base camp include tent accommodations, although challenges such as difficult roads and limited lodging facilities persist. However, efforts are underway to improve infrastructure, including the installation of a 150-meter metal staircase for accessibility.

The decision to select Jugal for the expedition was influenced by its proximity to Kathmandu and its ease of accessibility. The base camp, situated 145 km away from Kathmandu, is easily reachable by road, making it an ideal choice for expeditions. Jugal also offers the choice of seven peaks from one base camp. Also known as the “Hidden Valley," Jugal is a holy place surrounded by multi-ethnic communities.

Korean climbers will finance their expedition, while the Nepali government waives climbing royalties as a gesture of appreciation. The Nepal Tourism Board sees the venture as a promotional opportunity for global mountaineering tourism. In a commitment to eco-tourism, the expedition pioneers waste management, aiming to recover all base camp waste.

The event is being done with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil

Aviation, the Nepal Mountaineering Association, the Nepal Tourism Board, Jugal Rural Municipality, the Korea Alpine Federation, and the Um Hong Gil Foundation of South Korea. It will pave the way to further promote the mountaineering sector in N epal, improve infrastructure, and build friendly relations.