Jul 12, 2024

Hotel Association Nepal unveiled 'Festival Calendar'

Hotel Association Nepal unveiled 'Festival Calendar'

KATHMANDU, April 06:The 'Festival Calendar' has been unveiled by the Hotel Association Nepal, and it includes festivals, fairs, and Jatra from all seven provinces.

The Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Hit Bahadur Tamang, unveiled the annual calendar for 2081 in Kathmandu.

Binayak Shah, President of the Hotel Association Nepal (HAN), stated that the calendar was unveiled in response to worldwide tourism demands related to Nepal's festivals and Jatra.

Shah stated that efforts have been made to address the growing attraction of international tourists in the original Nepali festival, Jatra, by distributing the calendar to local and foreign tour operators, as well as Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) and Nepali diplomatic missions abroad.

Minister Tamang stated that this is a smart way to promote tourism since it will boost the country's visibility and attract more foreign tourists through the festival and Jatra calendar.

He stated that the country's tourism promotion efforts will be coordinated with the commercial sector. He stated that the hotel sector will be categorized into industries for future development and expansion, and that the industry's services would be supplied.

During the program, Minister Tamang uploaded and inaugurated the 'Cloudbase E-Learning' hospitality training course. He stated that this course will assist workers and staff operating in remote small and medium-sized hotels to strengthen their skills and abilities.