Jul 12, 2024

Preparing to climb Mount Everest of different abilities

Preparing to climb Mount Everest of different abilities

KATHMANDU, April 18:Sagar Sunar Bishwakarma, of different abilities , is preparing to climb Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. The 30-year-old Sagar, who stands only 3 feet 7 inches tall, stated that by successfully climbing Everest, he intends to tread on the summit to send a message that individuals of different abilities  can achieve great things in the world.

He told a press conference in Kathmandu on Monday that he will travel to Mount Everest's base camp on April 21 to begin his trek. He stated he'd climb Lobuche Peak before heading to Everest base camp.

He is going to climb Mount Everest from Booking On Pvt Ltd. Sagar's climbing team is led by Norbin Magar, who has twice scaled Mount Everest. 

Sagar says that he was inspired to climb Mount Everest by his sister Urmila Sunar. He states that sister Urmila supporting him financially. They are now launching a fundraising effort through the Sagar Shikhar group. He also called for cooperation during a press conference. He expected as much help as possible from the Nepalese government.

Sagar had previously successfully climbed Ramdung Peak (5,925m) in Dolakha on his own expense and with the assistance of his family. Sagar intends to start an organization for persons with impairments.

He stated that the goal is to climb the summits of all seven continents, including Everest.