Jul 13, 2024

'Trishuli Villa' operates with a 100 million investment

'Trishuli Villa' operates with a 100 million investment

KATHMANDU, April 19:'Trishuli Villa' has begun operations across the Trishuli River.

Trishuli Villa opened with the investment of Uddhav Kandel, who also owns Trishuli Riverside Resort in Benighat near Malekhu on the Prithvi Highway.

According to proprietor Kandel, over 100 million rupees were invested in the construction of the resort, which spans 15 ropani.

He informed us that 37 rooms had been built in 12 charming villas, each with more luxurious amenities than Trishuli River Side Resort.

According to Kandel, the proprietor, 22 rooms are currently operational, with the remaining 15 rooms set to open in the coming months.

In addition, the villa has a meeting space that can accommodate 300 people, dedicated specifically to corporate clients. Sauna and steam rooms have also been installed in the villa.

According to the company, packages start booked at Rs 4,000 at the villa. Customers who book in the villa will get dinner, room, and breakfast as well as a swimming pool, sauna, steam, and hiking as part of the wellness package.

There is also a restaurant and a bar at the villa. According to Kandel, the room's balcony has a wonderful view of the Trishuli River.

Riverside Resort is emerging as a destination for adventure tourism. The resort's guests can also enjoy adventure tourism activities such as sky cycling over the Trishuli River, ziplining, and rafting on the Trishuli River.

People can access the villa by ziplining or sky riding from Trishuli Riverside Resort, located after Malinga on the Prithvi Highway.

Alternatively, guests who choose a less risky way can reach the resort by crossing a suspension bridge. There is parking along the river for automobiles. The villa is accessible by bike via the suspension bridge.