Jul 12, 2024

Hotel Yak and Yeti "Cultivating Connections"

Hotel Yak and Yeti "Cultivating Connections"

KATHMANDU, April 22:Hotel Yak and Yeti has hosted its annual social gathering program this year as well on April 22, Monday. The event “cultivating connections” continues the long-standing tradition of sprout planting at the hotel's serene Garden Pavillion. 

This event symbolizes the hotel's commitment to maintain positive relations with industry professionals and aims to send a message of sustainability, both in terms of connections and environmental conservation. 

The program was attended by various representatives from tourism agencies, hotels, etc. along with the present and past members of the hotel's executive board. The event lasted from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. 

This event shall happen again every year, showing the consistent efforts by the hotel in maintaining connections in the hotel industry.