Jul 12, 2024

Citizens Bank provides a water filter to Beni Hospital

Citizens Bank provides a water filter to Beni Hospital

KATHMANDU:Citizens Bank International has provided water filters to Beni Hospital in Myagdi. Citizens Bank International, which has been providing services for 17 years, has supported Beni Hospital with RO water filters as part of its corporate social responsibility.

During a function performed on Sunday at Beni Hospital, a water filter was donated to the hospital. Due to a lack of safe drinking water in the hospital, patients are having difficulties, and healthcare workers are also experiencing discomfort in service delivery. As a result, the bank has provided two water filter supports to the Beni Hospital for the convenience of hospital services.

The bank believes that this step will provide clean drinking water to hospital clients, minimize waterborne diseases, and improve general health.

The bank stated that it has been undertaking numerous activities under its corporate social responsibility program to bring about beneficial improvements in the social, economic, cultural, educational, and other spheres, and that it intends to continue doing so in the future. 

Citizens Bank International Limited serves 1.738 thousand customers through 190 branches, 153 ATMs, and 98 branchless banking units located around the country. Citizens Bank, which presently serves 55 districts, plans to expand to 60 districts by opening seven more branches this fiscal year.