Jul 13, 2024

Kirat community celebrates Ubhauli (Photo Feature)

Kirat community celebrates Ubhauli (Photo Feature)

Every year on the full moon day of Baisakh Shukla Purnima (Lunar calendar), the Ubhauli festival celebrated by the Kirat Rai community is celebrated on Thursday in places across the country.

During the festival, there is a tradition of worshiping nature before planting the crops to ensure that the land gives good output. Chandi dance is also performed on the occasion of this festival. 

A month-long festival has been started at the religious place of Hattiban in Lalitpur with proper rituals. Sakela dance is also performed among different sects of the Kirant community. This festival is celebrated by Kirat Yakkha, Sunuwar, Limbu and Rai communities.