Jul 13, 2024

Buddha Air studying feasibility of flights from Kathmandu to Sikkim

Buddha Air studying  feasibility of flights from Kathmandu to Sikkim

KATHMANDU, June 14:Buddha Air has begun preparations for its Kathmandu-Sikkim trip. A Buddha Air team of three has reached in Sikkim to study the feasibility of regular flights at Sikkim's Pakyong airport. Buddha Air's Udayakrishna Shrestha, Om Pradhanang, and Jeevan Basnet make up the study team.

Rupesh Joshi, Buddha Air's market director, stated that a flight feasibility study on the Pakyong Airport plan had begun. "Pakyong Airport is proposing to start regular flights, after receiving the proposal to start Kathmandu-Sikkim flights, Buddha Air's team has gone for a study," said he. 

According to Joshi, Pakyong Airport has offered flights to Buddha Air, but the flight is challenging. The airport sits on a high hill. Pakyong is India's fifth highest airport. This airport sits at an elevation of 1416 meters. According to reports, the airport, which has a 1700-meter runway, is extremely difficult to navigate in bad weather. This airport began operations five years ago.

Buddha Air has stated that extensive study is being performed into geographical structure, operating expenses, load penalties, runways, weather conditions, passenger conditions, and so on. Joshi stated, "Without the study report, we can't say anything. If the flyable report is received, two or three flights per week can be scheduled based on passenger demand."

Currently, Buddha Air operates flights to Banaras and Kolkata in India. Despite Buddha Air's preparations, the flight from Pokhara International Airport to vanaras, Kolkata, and Dehradun was unable to take off because Indian authorities refused to provide approval.