Jul 13, 2024

Motorboat operation at Bulbule Lake in Surkhet

Motorboat operation at Bulbule Lake in Surkhet

SURKHET, June 14:Motorboats have been put into service at Bulbule Lake in Birendranagar, Surkhet. Yamlal Kandel, the Chief Minister of Karnali Province, has formally launched the motorboat, which has been on trial since Baishakha 12.

In the program, Chief Minister Kandel stated that the tourism sector will play a vital part in Karnali's growth and expressed the state government's commitment to providing all necessary support for motorboat operations.

He stated, "The commercialization of the agricultural sector, domestic industry, and tourism are important for the development of the province." Tourism activity has surged when the Botebora company began operating motorboats here. The state government will provide all necessary assistance in the coming days.

He emphasized the need to enhance private-sector investment in the province. He mentioned that Karnali has traditionally been associated with sorrow and misery, and that this perception needs to be changed. He believes that developing the tourist sector is the best solution for this.

He believes that this form of tourism will boost economic activity in connected destinations, create jobs, and keep young people in the country.

On that occasion, Birendranagar Mayor Mohanmaya Bhandari (Dhakal) stated that the economic activity in the area has improved since motorboats were introduced at Bulbule Lake.

Previously, daily revenue of Rs 2,000 was rarely collected. Mayor Bhandari stated that up to 40,000 revenue is currently collected daily.

The municipality has charged 25 rupees per person to enter the Bulbule Lake region. Mayor Bhandari stated that the municipality has collected Rs 50 lakh in money from the operating of the motorboat each year.

Bishnu Dhakal, the owner of Motorboat Company Botebora, stated that the large number of tourists in recent months has lifted their spirits. The provincial and local governments have provided strong support for motorboat operations. Domestic visitors from Jumla, Humla, Mugu, and other regions have also come to ride the motorboat, she explained.

According to him, over 30,000 individuals have used motorboats since last Baisakha 12.

Botebora Company has launched a motorboat with an investment of 15 million rupees.Currently, the company is operating three motorboats, two 10-seater and one eight-seater. According to the company, a fee of 200 rupees per person and 250 rupees if accompanied by a child is charged for riding the motorboat.