Jul 13, 2024

Hard Rock Cafe Kathmandu's Himalayan Burger Shines in World Burger Tour

Hard Rock Cafe Kathmandu's Himalayan Burger Shines in World Burger Tour

KATHMANDU, June 14:Hard Rock Cafe Kathmandu is celebrating a significant milestone as its ‘Himalayan Burger’ has been ranked among the top five in Hard Rock International’s World Burger Tour. The tour, which occurs every three to four years, showcases the best burgers from Hard Rock Cafes worldwide. 

The Himalayan Burger, crafted by Hard Rock Cafe Kathmandu’s culinary team, stands out with its unique blend of locally-sourced buff, yak cheese, garlic chilli mayo, and Himalayan herbs, reflecting Nepal's rich culinary heritage. Competing against entries from Brazil, India, the USA, and Romania, the Himalayan Burger has advanced to the final knockout phase, which begins this month, with the ultimate winner to be announced in September.

Priced at Rs. 1650, the Himalayan Burger offers a gourmet experience that justifies its cost, supported by NSF-certified hygienic food preparation and the availability of allergen kits to ensure safe dining for all guests. 

Narayan Subedi, Assistant General Manager at Hard Rock Cafe Kathmandu, expressed pride in the achievement, stating, “This competition will help represent Nepal in a global platform and promote tourism to a great extent.”

Hard Rock Cafe is the 3rd largest  food franchise in the world. It offers live music, exclusive World Burger Tour merchandise, and special activities such as YMCA dance performances and birthday celebrations. The cafe is also known for its philanthropic efforts, including programs supporting LGBTQ rights, dog feeding, and children’s initiatives.

Along with the nomination, the Cafe is also celebrating its birthday tonight and invites everyone to celebrate such a momentous occasion.