Jul 13, 2024

Prabhu Bank expands in Khalanga of Jajarkot

Prabhu Bank expands in Khalanga of Jajarkot

KATHMANDU:Prabhu Bank Limited began servicing activities by expanding  its branch network in Khalanga, Jajarkot.

On June 7, the bank opened its 307th branch at Khalanga Bazar in Jajarkot, Bheri Municipality, Ward No. 4.

Prabhu Bank has grown its commercial network by opening branch offices in various locations to give simple and convenient financial services to the people's homes.

Prabhu Bank Ltd.'s initiative has not only increased banking access across the country, but it has also favorably impacted the country's overall economic development.

The bank thinks that by providing quality services through its Jajarkot branch, inhabitants, local people, businesses, companies, and associations will profit and play an essential part in the region's overall economic development.

Similarly, Prabhu Bank, Nepal's leading bank of choice, operates 307 branch offices, 286 ATMs, and 70 extension counters around the country and recently received the award for "Bank of the Year 2023".