Jul 13, 2024

A Collective Effort - Sanskriti International School & Kutumba

A Collective Effort - Sanskriti International School & Kutumba

KATHMANDU: World Music Day, observed on June 21, is a global tribute to the art of music, where musicians of all calibers come together to showcase and share their passion. Each year, Sanskriti celebrates this significant occasion with an array of musical performances, creating a vibrant platform for everyone to partake in the joy of music.

This year, Sanskriti hosted Kutumba, a renowned Nepali band known for their mesmerizing performances with traditional musical instruments, on the occasion of this special day. In collaboration with Kutumba, Sanskriti promoted the 'School to Schools' campaign, an initiative dedicated to providing hope and essential supplies to students in Jajarkot.

The Sanskriti community, including learners, parents, and staff members, generously donated stationery items to show their support. Furthermore, the school contributed Rs. 50,000/- for this worthy cause, underscoring the importance of providing aid toward children's educational needs for a better tomorrow.

The soulful melodies, performed in support of a noble cause, not only added exceptional charm to our event but also highlighted the profound impact music can have in bringing communities together and fostering a spirit of generosity.