NMA regains rights to collect royalties from 27 mountains

14th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 14: The Nepal Mountaineering Association has regained permission to collect royalties from 27 mountains under 6500 meters after a year of problems with the renewal of its rights. The government has allowed the NMA permission to collect royalties from these mountains once again starting from this month for 5 years. The Office of the Auditor General had presented a report a year ago which pointed irregularities in the royalties collected by the NMA, which had lead the government to stop renewal of the NMA's permissions.

The government had reserved 55% economic rights over the royalties to the NMA over the last year despite refusing to renew its rights, for tourism promotion and development of mountaineering tourism. The organization will now be allowed to spend only 45% of the royalties. The remaining mountaineering royalties has been divided to the local and state governments with 25% going to each level and 5% to the Nepal Mountain Academy.