Norway May Limit the Number of Tourists Visiting Outdoor Attractions

20th Oct, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

Norway’s leading hiking and outdoor group,Norsk Friluftsliv , is looking to limit the large number of tourists hiking to Norway's most visited natural wonders, according to The Local .


The limitations could impact people visiting some of Norway's best hiking spots and viewing points, including Pulpit Rock and Trolltunga.

“In Norway, we have a biodiversity and need to ensure that natural resource base is not impaired,” said Lasse Heimdal, leader of Norsk Friluftsliv, in an interview with Norway's government-owned broadcaster, NRK .

“That means if large loads of tourists could damage nature, the authorities are obliged to insert countermeasures,” Heimdal said, adding that the issue is not only seen at Pulpit Rock but across various outdoor sights across the country.

The Norwegian Tourist Association also proposed new laws  in August that would allow them to stop tourists from climbing Pulpit’s Rock in August, when there is historically a lot of rescue missions and fatal incidents due to unpredictable weather. travelandleisure