NRN's come up with initiatives to invest in Nepal

26th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 26 : A group of NRN's has come up with an initiative to invest an amount of 500 million rupees in different sectors of Nepal including the tourism. Forty Non-resident Nepalis has set up a company named Mount Everest (ME) Group for the purpose.

The group has planned to promote Occupational Agriculture, Tourism, Education, and Supermarket with an aim of increasing the employment rate of Nepal and already have inducted some trench of money as preliminary investment.

ME Group is constituent of 40 NRN's residing in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and Britain. As its first trench of investment the group already has started a Travel and Tours in capital Kathmandu and also a Agriculture Farm in Chitwan.

"We are planning to invest all 500 million rupees in 2017 itself and already have prepared the projects for it," President of the ME Group and the proprietor of the farm Kamal Raj Adhikari said.

"We are working on the aim of creating employment for Five Thousand people by 2025 in direct or indirect manner," Adhikari added. Khagendra GC in America, Tulsi Poudel in Canda, Sudesh Shrestha in Netherlands are amongst the investors and member of the team that is investing in Nepal.

The Market Manager of the Group Jay Jagadish Adhikari claimed that they have the aim to bring all the NRN's to increase the investment in Nepal to prevent joblessness.

"To engage youths inside the country by creating employment opportunity for them is our main motive. We will promote entrepreneurship through the means of combined investment along with those who return from foreign with skills and utilize it for the development of the tourism and other sectors inside the country," Adhikari briefed about his plans.

Adhikari also stressed on the collective effort for the Tourism development inside the country and hence claimed that the initiation will contribute a lot.