NTB and State Tourism Ministry conduct discussion program for tourism development

8th May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 08: Nepal Tourism Board has conducted a discussion with tourism entrepreneurs in collaboration with the Tourism Ministry of State 3 regarding the development and promotion of tourism in the state. The meeting was held in Kathmandu under the Tourism Minister of State 3, Arun Prasad Nepal.
Senior Director of the NTB, Kashi Raj Bhandari, along with Secretary of the state ministry, Shiva Wagle, shed light on the state of the tourism industry in Nepal as well as the objectives for the industry in the future. Bhandari stated that it is necessary for State 3 to produce a tourism brand and start immediate work in developing tourism in the state, and to build the necessary infrastructure to facilitate tourism.
Minister Arun Prasad Nepal stated during the event that the country must use its available resources to the maximum and emphasized the need for developing cooperation and positive relations between all interest groups in the tourism industry. He also said that the resources for tourism in the country will be mobilized from the state level and that the state tourism ministry will also be entering discussions with the Tourism Board to conduct promotional activities on the international platform.
Past Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ananda Pokharel, said that the entire country of Nepal should be developed as a cultural university and also advocated for the promotion of carbon-neutral tourism.
The ministry also gathered suggestions for developing tourism in the state from the participants in the discussion including the tourism entrepreneurs, journalists, and others involved in the tourism sector. Investors and entrepreneurs drew the attention of the tourism minister for the need to simplify the government work processes and also requested for support and subsidies to allow tourism to flourish in the most remote regions.