NTB conducting International Handicapped Seminar

6th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 06: Nepal Tourism Board is organizing an International Handicapped Seminar from March 29 to 31 for promoting Nepal as a safe destination for differently able tourists according to Head of Tourism Board, Mr. Deepakraj Joshi. The Accessible Trekking Railway, constructed with the investment of 1.7 million rupees by NTB, will also be inaugurated on the same day. 70 foreign tourists and 75 domestic differently abled tourists will take part in the seminar.

Former British Army soldier who lost both his feet during service, Mr. Hari Budamagar, will also be presenting at the seminar and he has the aim to climb Mt Everest in 2018. The Board believes that this campaign will help in the aim of bringing 2 million tourists to Nepal. Other programs targeted for the same aim are Experience Nepal, Photo Nepal, and Home Stay Nepal.