NTB conducts youth parliament session

20th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 20: A Parliament session on tourism issues was held on February 20 at Nepal Tourism Board, Bhrikutimandap. In the session, there was a debate on issue regarding elephant riding. Students from various colleges within the Kathmandu valley participated in the program which was successfully coordinated by members of Youth Parliament Nepal.

The program was conducted according to the procedures of the Parliament.There were two teams in the debate: Team Green was in proposition where they supported elephant riding whereas the opposition Team Yellow was not in the favor of elephant riding. In the program, the Chief of Youth Parliament Nepal, Raj Kumar Upreti was Speaker, Durga P. Ghimire was General Secretary and Nir Shrestha was the Section Coordinator.

Team Green justified in the favor of elephant riding by adding their supportive details such as elephant is the main source of attraction as well as part of our tradition as it helps to maintain the eco-tourism. We should follow our culture without disturbing animal rights. If elephant riding is banned it will definitely effect our tourism revenue so we should carry out elephant riding by conserving our nature. Elephant polo is our pride which helps in generating revenue and elephant riding has also turned to be a source of employment to mautes.

Likewise, Team Yellow in the opposition of elephant riding mentioned that we are the part of the nature and elephant has right to enjoy in the nature. As the Earth is the home for every species, we cannot harm other animals as our source of entertainment. Heavy loads often tend to effect the head line of the elephants so by considering the animal rights we should preserve our animals.

The votes from the students was all together 2/3rd due to which the decision regarding the final winner of the debate could not be announced immediately. The final decision of the topic will be passed in the Tourism Board the next day, on Wednesday. Senior Officer of the Tourism Board, Sudan Subedi said, "We all should be together for tourism. We all must take tourism development and tourism management together. For us the first and foremost is the protection of animals."

Deepak Mahat, Director of the Tourism Board said that in 2020 we have target of bringing 2 million tourists and in 2030 we have target of 5 million tourists so we all should be united. This target is not only for foreigners but also for domestic tourists.