NTB interacts with ambassadors of different countries for tourism promotion

21st Jul, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 21: The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) on Tuesday held discussions with the ambassadors of different countries on the promotion of tourism in Nepal. Executive Chief of Tourism Board Dr. Dhananjay Regmi informed about the work done by the Board for the promotion of tourism in Nepal. He said that new strategies, products and tactics were needed to boost the tourism industry and the board was working accordingly.

Stating that Nepal needs to be developed and promoted as a destination for all seasons and all age groups, Regmi said that the board would work for the promotion of tourism in collaboration with the embassies. At the event, the ambassadors said that although there were problems everywhere during Covid's time, preparations were needed for the future. Stating that international tourism has been booming with the development and expansion of vaccines, he suggested the Board to pay attention to the promotion as the neighboring countries is a big resource market for Nepal. Similarly, the ambassadors said that it was necessary to adjust the air fares in Nepal as there were problems in tourist arrivals.

Nepali Ambassador to Bangladesh Dr. Vashidhar Mishra said that Bangladesh was a big market for Nepal but it could not work accordingly. He said that as Bangladesh has a population of about 15 million Hindus and 8 million Buddhists, a large number of tourists could be taken to Nepal from Bangladesh if some promotional work and emphasis was laid on connectivity. He said that the long-awaited high-level visit took place last year and it was necessary to continue such programs.

Similarly, Nepal's Ambassador to Pakistan Tapas Adhikari said that it was necessary to emphasize border tourism. He suggested the board to prepare promotional materials in the local language as there is a large number of people in the world who do not understand English even though English is an international language.Also, Minister for Economics at the Nepalese Embassy in India, Nita Pokhrel, said that more promotional programs were needed in India as India was a major resource market for Nepal. She said that Nepal was a convenient destination for Indians due to its language, religion, culture and food. 

Bishwas Bhatta, Second Secretary of the Nepali Embassy in Sri Lanka, said that although Lumbini is a major attraction for Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan tourists can also be taken to Nepal for adventure tourism. He said that Nepal could learn a lot from Sri Lanka on the issue of tourism infrastructure and stressed on air connectivity to attract more tourists. The board, which has been holding discussions with ambassadors of different countries, had a virtual interaction with the ambassadors and other officials of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka on Tuesday. The Board has already conducted interaction programs with the ambassadors of various countries in the United States, the Middle East, Northeast Asia and Europe, focusing on how to work together for the promotion of tourism in Nepal even during the Covid pandemic. Laxman Gautam, Marketing Manager of the Board, informed that the Board has focused on the new methods, technologies and styles adopted in the context of the Covid pandemic to promote Nepal's tourism image in the international arena.