Number of air travelers up in Nepal, NAC stands top amongst the service providers

18th Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 17 : The number of travelers via air has risen in Nepal, data from the Nepal’s one and only International Airport has shown. The number of travelers via. Air rose by 2 Lakh 93 Thousands in comparison between 2015 and 2016’s data.

Last year 35 Lakh10 Thousand travelled inside or outside the country using the air way in comparison with 2015 when 32 Lakh 17 Thousand people used the same means of transport.

Amongst the 35 Lakh travelers 18 Lakh 23 thousand 5 Hundred and 98 went out of Nepal whereas 16 Lakh 87 Thousand 1 Hundred and 44 came to Nepal. Previously, the number of passengers was record as 16 Lakh 74 Thousand and 15 Lakh 42 Thousand simultaneously.

Last year total of 27 Thousand One Hundred and 18 International Flights landed in Nepal which indeed is more with 5 Hundred and 55 flights in comparison to previous year. Along with the rise in air travelling trend in Nepal the number of International Airlines flying through Nepali airspace has increased to 28 including 3 Nepali Airlines.

With the rise in number of air passengers Nepal Airlines Corporation stands top among the airlines operated in Nepali airspace. In 2016 solely Nepal Airlines transported 84 thousand 3 Hundred and 27 passengers to and fro Nepal. The number is up with 1 Lakh 30 Thousand 6 Hundred and 69 passengers in comparison to 2015’s data of 2 Lakh 53 Thousand 6 Hundred and 58 passengers.

Nepal Airlines which has cheapest airfare is providing its air service to 8 destinations around the globe with 3 flights to India solely. With the change is traveling behavior, Nepal in 2016 witnessed transaction of over 1 billion rupees but Nepali Airlines are not able to make contribution of 10%.

Nepal Airlines solely made 31 Hundred and 51 flights to and fro Nepal in 2016. Following Nepal Airlines Qatar Airways completed 18 Hundred and 78 flights to and fro Nepal in the same time duration with carrying 41 Thousand 7 Hundred and 64 passengers. Air Arabia stands at third position with 25 Hundred and 73 flights carrying 3 Lakh 40 Thousand One Hundred and 35 passengers.


    Airlines name      passenger   

  • Nepal Airlines        384327
  • Qatar Airways        341764
  • Air Arabia               340135
  • Jet Airways            33417 9
  • Fly dubai                322644
  • Others                     1787693