Number of Indian Tourists visiting Lumbini hikes

26th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

LUMBINI: The number of tourists visiting Asia’s Light Buddha’s Birthland, Lumbini in Nepal has increased.

The Lumbini Development Trust has recorded the number of Indian Tourists visiting the area by September, 2017 to Six Thousand and Six Hundred.

In previous year during the month of September the number stood at Five Thousand Three Hundred and 36 only.

The Indian nationals coming from the roadway to Nepal through the Belhiya passing mainly visit Pokhara and Kathmandu and some go on visit to Lumbini.

In the same duration a total of 28 Thousand 3 Hundred and 49 domestic tourists also toured the area.

Though the number of internal and Indian tourist has hiked in the area the number of tourists from third countries has dived down.

As per the record from Lumbini Development Trust in comparison to 2016’s September month with the 2017’s the number of foreign tourists has decreased by 20 percent. A total of 10 Thousand 9 Hundred and 41 foreign tourists have visited the place in 2016 and it dropped down to 8 Thousand 7 Hundred and 1 in 2017.