Number of tourist in Solukhumbu falls along with Temperature

1st Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU Jan 1: With the decrease in temperature the tourists has packed off to the low lying regions to escape the chill. With the mercury level dropping down the movement in the district also has dropped.


With the tourists returning back the Tenjing Hilary airport is flocked with tourist, Nepal civil aviation of Lukla has informed.

With the drop in temperature the problems, however, run deeper. Apart from the environmental effects, a decline in tourist flow has also led to mounting problems for the locals who mostly depends on hospitality and trekking industry.

"In season time locals of Khumbhu were too much busy to serve their guest. In Sagarmatha National Park, Jorsalle entry gate employees were also too much busy now with the decrease in tourists flow they are taking rest," employee, Ganesh Panta said.