Number of tourists arriving Nepal from Belahiya border increases

13th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: Around 76 thousand visitors have arrived Nepal from Belahiya Border of Rupandehi. According to the investigation department of Belahiya, within 7 months around 76,878 tourists have arrived in Nepal. As compared to last year it has increased by 1 thousand 201. Last year 75,677 tourists arrived Nepal through Belhiya Border.

The major destination of tourists arriving Nepal from Belahiya Border is Lumbini. Due to extreme heat in summer season, 6 month of the year from April- September is considered as off season. August and September is considered as the holy month for Buddhist devotees. Thus, Despite of summer season tourists from Srilanka, Korea, Thailand and Myanmar visits Lumbini.

According to the statistics of the department most of tourists arriving Nepal from Belahiya border are from Thailand. Last year the numbers of tourists from China are decreasing due to weak relation between India and China they are unwilling to visit Nepal from India side. The number of Chinise tourists is less by 1 thousand.

Within 7 months, 19,338 tourists from Thailand, 18,418 from Srilanka, 17,462 from Myanmar, 4,243 from Korea, 2,390 from China and 2,440 from Vetman have arrived Nepal from Belahiya Border. Around 552 million rupees revenue has been collected from the Belhiya border within 7 months.