Number of tourists in Chitwan National Park increases

25th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 25: The number of tourists visiting Chitwan National Park has increased. In this fiscal year around 152,672 have visited the park. Last year 139,978 people visited the park. This statistic shows that the number has increased by 12,693 people. The communication officer of the national park, Nurendra Adhikari said that the number of tourists was increased by 52,578 in 2073-2074 as compared to 2072-2073. In 2072-2073 only 87,392 tourists visited the park.

According to the statistics, 34,050 people from Nepal, 19,696 people from SAARC, and 98,925 people from foreign countries participated in Jungle Safari, among which 81,790 of them were male and 70,891 were female. Whereas last year, 36,053 people from Nepal, 15,903 people from SAARC and 88,019 from foreign countries visited the park, among which 70,117 of them were male and 69,861 of them were female.

Mainly the largest number of tourist was recorded in year 2071-2072. Around 184,000 tourists visited the park that year, said President of Regional Hotel Association of Sauraha. He said that the data of the number of tourists is collected on the basis of Jungle and Boat Safari. He estimated that the number of tourists can be increased by 50 thousand as the other data’s on the tourists is not recorded.

Chitwan National Park collected 248,199,998 rupees. This amount is collected by the fees including tourist fee and other fees.