Number of tourists increases in August

20th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 20: In the first 8 months of 2018 around Six hundred eighty thousand tourists have visited Nepal through airways. According to the investigative department the number of tourists visiting Nepal through airways from January is 680,993. As compared to the statistic of first 8 month of year 2017 the number of tourists has increased by 18.8%.

In the month of August around 87 thousand tourists have visited Nepal from Tribhuwan International Airport. Last year only 73 thousand tourists visited Nepal by this time. This statistics contains the tourists of 45 countries which consist of Nepal travelers, workers and Nepali citizen holding foreign citizenship.

In the month of August, 14 thousand Indian, 9 thousand Sri Lankan, 7 thousand Chinese, 4 thousand American and 2 thousand European have visited Nepal. According to the tourism department the number of Sri Lankan tourists has increased by 74% and Indian tourists has increased by 37% as compared to year 2017.

Likewise the number of tourists from SAARC region has increased by 48% also the Chinese tourists has increased by 63%. The number of tourists of from Germany is increased by 31%, France by 25%, Britain by 21%, Australia by 39%, New Zealand by 18%, America/Canada by 15%.