Number of tourists increases in Sauraha

12th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 12: Around 80% of the tourists visiting Chitwan for Jeep Safari prefer Sauraha as their entrance gate. There are 9 entrance gates to visit Chitwan National Park among which Sauraha has been the major attraction among the tourists said the Conservation officer of Chitwan National Park, Bedkumar Dhakal.

Last year around 83.37% of the topurists visited Sauraha while travelling to Chitwan National Park. 80-90% of the tourists visiting Chitwan National Park use Sauraha as their entrance gate. In fiscal year 2074-75 around 152,671 tourists visited the park among them 127,295 tourists visited Sauraha.

The information officer of the park Nurendra Aryal said that 25,373 tourists visited the park by other 8 entrance gates. The other entrance gates to reach Chitan National Park are Ghatgai, Kasara, Devnagar, Bankatta, Bhimle, Amaltari, Laukhani and Kubauli. Last year 19,696 tourists from SAARC countries, 98,925 from third countries and 34, 650 from Nepal visited the park. Around 248,300,000 rupees revenue is collected by the park from tourist revenue.