Number of tourists surge in "Queen of Hills- Bandipur"

18th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BANDIPUR, July 18 : The flow of internal tourists has increased in Queen of Hills Bandir. With the surge in number of tourists the business in and around Bandipur has started reviving which faced hardships because of the earthquake and the trade embargo.

"After the earthquake and the trade embargo by India the tourism sector here was at stake. It lasted for about a following year. In past one year the tourism destination has seen surge in number of tourists," President of Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, Byas Gurung said.

The number of tourists in Bandipur started to raise after last years Dashain festival and the flow remains constant in the monsoon and rainy season too. Amongst the tourists visiting Bandipur 90 Percent are domestic whereas 10 percent is constituent of foreign tourists. Domestic tourists go on visit to Bandipur to spend their weekend and their stay usually remains a single day.

Bandipur also known as the queen of the hills has 60 hotels where the charge of a room starts from 5 Hundred to 12 Thousand. 3 new hotels recently came into operation in Bandipur where as 4 big hotels are set to make debut in coming days.