Occupancy rate of Hotels set to rise next season

2nd Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 02 : With the tourism season approaching near the booking of hotels in Nepal’s famous destinations has shown the positive symptoms with 90 percent of the rooms already booked.

Nepal on 2012 witnessed the highest flow of tourists with the number standing at about Eight Hundred Thousands and the government is hoping to exceed the number this year. The government of Nepal has expected over 1.6 million footfalls this year.

“The year of 2012 witnessed the highest influx of tourists with the number standing at 8 Lakhs 2 Thousand. Now we have expected that this number will be surpassed by the end of this year,” Binayak Shah, General Secretary of Hotel Association Nepal said.

“If everything goes well then we are sure that the number will reach about 9 Lakhs,” Shah added. In 2016 a total of 7 Lakhs 53 Thousand tourists visited Nepal.

But the critics have been complaining for the poor infrastructure for the tourism development as the tourists arriving Nepal expend over 70 percent of their money in air fare.

Despite the claim of the laggings in the infrastructure Nepal within 2 years is set to get 10 Five Star rated hotels which will prompt the number of 5 star hotels in Nepal to 29. Alongside, the number of three and four stars rated hotels under construction in Nepal are more than 2 dozens.

Nepal has a total of Five Lakhs 23 Thousands 4 Hundred and 53 rooms in star hotels. After the completion of the under construction of Five and Four Stars hotels by 2020 the number of rooms will increase to 3 Thousand 2 Hundred and 62.