Ockhi Cyclone: Nepal Met warns Climbers and expediters of snowfall today

6th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec. 6: Nepal’s Metrological Forecasting Division has warned the climbers and expeditors after the change in the weather experienced as a result of the Arabian based cyclone-Ockhi.

In an release made on Tuesday the Met Division has stated that the clouds forced out by the cyclone have had entered Nepal from the Western part and had spread over the country increasing probability of rain and snowfall across the nation.

“The effect of the cyclone after pushing of the cloud can mainly be seen in the Western and the Mid- Himalayan areas,” Meteorologist Minkumar Aryal said. “It also has increased the chances of rainfall and the snowfall across the country prompting worries and warning especially for the climbers,” he added.

As per the claims of the meteorologists the moist clouds forced out by the cyclones enter the Nepali atmosphere and it ultimately will start snowfall after it reaches the Himalayan region of Nepal.

“We expect the change to end by Wednesday evening but it will remain active in the Western part of the Himalayas where more cautions are required to be taken,” Aryal suggested.

The division made its claims after three days vigorous study of the satellite images and the Mathematical Weather Forecasting.