Octave's Foodie Challenge

12th May, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 12: Octave Restaurant in Kathmandu is conducting 'Foodie Challenge'. This is to be challenged by eight young bloggers from Nepal.

According to Octave's project coordinator Alicia Sertman, bloggers will put their promotional material on their social networks to encourage their followers to go to Active and vote for themselves.

According to Sertman, Octave will give a voting card to customers who spend more than a thousand rupees. In which customers will be able to vote for a blogger. According to Sertman, one of the most popular bloggers and one of the customers who voted for Vlogger was active in Thailand.

Sertman said the plan would help keep the restaurant business afloat in the wake of the Corona pandemic.

Due to the lockdown in Nepal, tourism and hotel and restaurant business was halted for a long time. At a time when it is becoming commonplace, various hotels and restaurants are bringing promotional and concessional schemes to increase the number of customers.