Officials of Chitwan National Park prepares to open jeep safari

24th Sep, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Sep 24: Chitwan National Park is preparing to open a jeep safari from next week. According to Lokendra Adhikari, Information officer of the park, they are planning to open jeep safaris after the decrease in the cases of COVID-19 and request of businessmen.

According to the official, preparations have been made to open a jeep safari for tourists inside the park by September 28. Officials said that the roads where the jeeps are running are being repaired, improved and bushes are being removed.

Every year during the rainy months (June, July and August) the park stops jeep safaris. The revenue of the park has been declining due to the closure of jeep safaris. Entrepreneurs have been requested to resume jeep safaris by adopting health safety measures, the official said. The park has been charging Rs 150 per Nepali tourist, Rs 1,000 for SAARC tourists and Rs 2,000 for foreign tourists. There are 32 jeeps from Sauraha, 4 from Meghauli, 6 from Kasara and 4 from Amaltari.

Despite the corona virus pandemic, 92,209 tourists visited the park last fiscal year. Last fiscal year, 89,601 Nepalis, 1,364 tourists from SAARC countries and 1,244 tourists from third countries visited the park. Last fiscal year, the park collected revenue of Rs 25.537 million from the tourism sector alone.