One- Horned Rhino populations rises in Nepal to 233 in 13 years, 176 poached in 22 years

6th Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHARATPUR, sep 06: Nepal’s Chitwan National Park, enlisted in World Heritage Site has witnessed a boom in the number of One-Horned Rhinoceros in the time duration of 13 years. The last count proved the number was increased 2 Hundred and 33.

“One- Horned Rhino is the main attraction of National Park is sometime poached but the active initiation and participation from Park Team, Nepal Army and Community has reduced the number of poaching subsequently pushing up the number of rhinos,” Deputy Conservation Officer Bed Khadka said.

In 2004 there were only 3 Hundred and 72 One horned rhinos in the Park. Now it has hiked to 6 Hundred and 5.

“Rhinos are the identity of this place. If they don’t survive then we will loose the International help. It is all possible with the help from the people living around the National Park,” he attributed.

Now the people here have started the conservation of the wetlands which is the main place of residence for One-Horned Rhino. The Chitwan National Park which has an area of 9 Hundred and 52 Kilometers and 1 Thousand 6 Hundred and 82 Kilometers area including the buffer zone only 25 percent of the land area is suitable for survival of the One- Horned Rhino.