One-horned rhino rescued unharmed from Indian village

18th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Aug 18: The rare one-horned rhino which was swept by a swollen river to India has been rescued unharmed.

The female rhino of estimated two and a half years was rescued yesterday and brought home to Chitwan Naitonal Park (CNP) on a truck today, Information Official and Assistant Conservation Official, Nurendra Aryal confirmed.

The rhino was swept away by the flood and transported 42 km south at the Nepal – India border. It was found at the Bagaha area of India and rescued with support of information provided by the Indian officials. The rhino was found in midst of a sugarcane field in a village.

Meanwhile, CNP has stated that the recent flooding in the rivers has swept away at least five other rhinos. One of the rhinos was spotted heading towards Nepal – India border near the Balmiki Ashram whereas another was spotted in a forest near the Balmiki town along the Narayani river. Another missing rhino has been spotted at the Buffer Zone Forest in India.