One more rhino brought back home to Chitwan

27th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, August 27: One more rhino swept away to India's Balmiki Tiger Reserve by a swollen river has been rescued.

The mature female rhino was taken under control on Friday and brought home to Sauraha in Chitwan this morning. The rhino was released at the Jankali Buffer Zone Community Forest near Hattisar at 7:30 am, according to Chitwan National Park (CNP) Assistant Conservation Official, Abhiyan Pathak.

This is the fifth rhino to be swept away by floods to India and rescued unharmed. The authorities still need to rescue one more rhino which was swept away to Balmiki Tiger Reserve across the border.

CNP's Information Official, Nurendra Aryal, has said efforts are underway to bring back the rhino to Nepal.

The rhinos were darted to take them under control by a team involving 20 officials from Nepal and 200 employees of the Balmiki Tiger Reserve.

Four rhinos were brought back home earlier which included two mature female rhinos, one male and one calf. Two rhinos were found dead. Three other rhinos reportedly swept by floods have been located within the Nepali territory.