Only 23 Nepali women have climbed Everest till 2017

5th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 05: Statistics from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation show that only 323 women have successfully summited the highest mountain in the world i.e Mt. Everest from the first ascent till the end of 2017. Among them, only 23 Nepali women were found to have climbed the Mt Everest successfully.

Spokesperson of the Tourism Department, Mr. Laxman Sharma, informed that participation of women in climbing Mt. Everest has always been less compared to males. Lack of interest, lack of training, fear and economic crisis can be the cause of low numbers of Nepali women summiteers. Similarly, first the obstacle and the core problem should be solved.Women should overcome their fear and should be encouraged and determined to gain experience and training in this field. In general context, this can increase by promoting Nepali women in the mountaineering field.

The President of Everest Summiteers Association and Vice President of Nepal Mountain Association (NMA), Maya Sherpa informed that there is a very good scope of women in the mountaineering field. An experienced women can better understand the field and prosper it like Sherpa herself, who has climbed 10-15 mountains. The NMA provides professional training in mountain climbing where females are given the first priority but the number of women is very low, i.e about 2-3 per year.

Sherpa added that it may be due to the lack of information to women regarding mountaineering field, lack of family support and unexplored opportunities in the field. The government has not been actively seen promoting Nepali women in the mountaineering field but Sherpa adds that as a women she can only present herself as an example to other women and encourage women to prosper in the mountaineering field. Women can start by taking training and climbing small mountains (6000m-7000m) first for experience and then go for Mt Everest. She added that it is surely a difficult task but if one has interest, determination and willingness, one can surely be successful. She further added that 17 women are climbing Mt Everest this year and this may lead to women empowerment in the field of mountaineering too.