Only 3 hotels have conducted environmental tests, Environment Department prepares for inspections

16th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 16: According to information released by the Department of Environment, only 3 hotels of Nepal have conducted the Environment Impact Assessment Tests (EIA) until now. The hotels to have conducted the tests for their establishments include Five Star Deluxe Hotel and Recreation Center (Mugu), Congo View Resort and Farkpa Village Resort (Chaurikharka, Solukhumbu).

The Environment Department had brought a rule around the beginning of 2018 which made it compulsory for hotels to conduct the EIA and the IEE (Initial Environmental Examination). Hotel owners have been freely disregarding the rule.

Environmental inspector for the department, Bhuvan Sharma, said that hotels established before 2018 do not have to conduct the two tests, except for new constructions. Hotels being built after the start of 2018, however, will not gain necessary permits without conducting the EIA and IEE tests. As of yet, over 99% of hotels in Nepal have not conducted the environmental assessment tests.

Sharma says that even though the department has brought the rule, it has not been possible to keep the whole industry in check due to the lack of sufficient manpower. He said that as the department now has sufficient manpower to conduct inspections, they will be started soon with strict adherence to the rules. Hotels that are found to have not conducted the tests will first be asked for clarification. Non-compliance beyond that point can be punished be up to 100 thousand rupees in fine and even foreclosure.

The rules require hotels with 50 to 100 beds to conduct IEE and hotels with more than 100 beds to conduct EIA. In order to build any new establishment, it is also necessary to inform nearby residents and gain permission from them.