Over 100 blue bulls spotted in Mahottari

6th May, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

MAHOTTARI : Over 100 blue bulls have suddenly appeared in over half dozen of villages in South-West of the district near to Nepal-India border recently.

According to locals, blue bulls were spotted at Manara, Ekdara, Itharwakatti, Bholahi, Pokharbhinda, Samsi among other villages in the district.

A local Devendra Ojha shared that the locals were thronging to see the animals as they abruptly appeared in la arge number there.

The animals were reportedly destroying the crops in the locality and creating panic to locals.

Locals have further shared that such animals used to appear in the area during the dry seasons when the wild fire destroyed forests but this season a large number of these animals have been seen, which is quite surprising.