Paanchthar local representatives show interest in red panda conservation

29th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 29: Local representatives of Paanchthar have shown interest in the conservation of the endangered red panda species that is found in the region. Fidim Municipality, Falelung and Yangbarak Village Municipality have decided to work together to develop a work plan towards the conservation and awareness of the red panda.

The local level authorities have agreed to create policies and allocate budget for the conservation of the red panda as well as other wildlife species and forest regions. Local representatives participated in a workshop entitled The Role of Local Level in the Conservation of Wildlife Diversity, in which representatives spoke about being active in the conservation of wildlife working together with active conservation organizations, forest offices, communal forests, etc.

Local representatives informed during the workshop that conservation efforts for red panda and other wildlife have been conducted in earlier time as well. "Red panda and other wildlife are our treasures and we have been working to conserve the biodiversity and promote tourism," said Chief of Falelung Village Municipality, Sancha Kumar Kerung. "If we are able to save our forests by working together, then we will create a better world for the future generation."

The two-day workshop had the presence of representatives from all three local level administrations of Paanchthar, including the President, Vice-President, Chief Administrative Officers, Ward Chiefs, as well as interest groups.