Package of Pokhara and Nepalgunj to Domestic Tourists

22nd Feb, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Feb 22: The campaign has been launched as an initiative to bring tourists from Nepalgunj and surrounding areas to Pokhara and send tourists from Pokhara region to destinations in the western region including Nepalgunj, said tourism entrepreneurs of both the destinations. Entrepreneurs from both the destinations who have shared tourism are now engaged in promotional activities in each other's cities.

Entrepreneurs said that the effort was made to boost the tourism business affected by the corona virus through domestic tourists. Entrepreneurs say that this service will also add convenience to the Indian guests entering through Nepalgunj. Entrepreneurs plan to take tourists to each other's destination packages in partnership between Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) Gandaki Chapter and NATTA Nepalgunj.

Chairman of Natta Gandaki Sanjay Kant Sigdel said that the initiative of two destinations would help in the promotion of tourism. According to him, there had been an attempt for an air service network between Nepalgunj and Pokhara for a long time. However, due to lack of progress, charter flights have been started from Sita Air's Dornier aircraft. The flight will be operated two days a week (Sunday and Friday). One-way ship fare has been fixed at Rs 5,000.

"Tourists from Indian cities entering Nepalgunj will be able to reach Pokhara easily by direct flight. Similarly, it will be easier for tourists from the area around Pokhara who want to visit destinations in western Nepal, 'said Sigdel. Tourists visiting Nepalgunj will be able to visit the surrounding areas under the package, while tourists visiting Pokhara will also be able to enjoy the package, said the businessman.

"We have taken initiative to connect Bardia, Rara, Foksundo, Mansarovar and other destinations with Pokhara," said Shri Ram Sigdel, chairman of Natta Nepalgunj. Chairman of Natta Nepalgunj, Sigdel, said that the flight would speed up the arrival and encouragement of the guests. According to him, the direct flight, which was started in a promotional manner, will last for a month. During this period, there will be 16 bilateral flights. He said that he would help connect Pokhara not only to Nepalgunj but also to the far west, midwest and Lucknow of India.

Mayor of Nepalgunj Sub-metropolis Dr. Dhawalshamsher Rana said that this promotion would also help in the arrival of Indian tourists as Nepalgunj is a city connected to the Indian border. 'Nepalgunj has become the hub of western Nepal. Large size hotels are being built in Nepalgunj. Casinos are also running, 'Rana said,' if the same Indian and some domestic tourists who come to Nepalgunj can be sent to Pokhara, both destinations will benefit. ' Apart from that, internal guests from Pokhara region can also be sent to Bardiya and other tourist destinations in the western region via Nepalgunj, he said. "We have cooperated in tourism, which will add benefits to the business by promoting both the destinations," he said.

Chief of the Tourism Board Pokhara Kashiraj Bhandari said that tourism would be promoted only on the initiative of tourism entrepreneurs. Citing the example of the air service network between Nepal and China, Bhandari said, "Air service between Nepal and China has been started in anticipation of a limited number of visitors. At present, the Nepali tourism sector has to rely on Chinese tourism.

Chairman of Pokhara Tourism Council (PTC) Gopi Bhattarai also said that connectivity would be most important in tourism. 'Air and land network is not easy to take visitors to attractive destinations within Nepal. Internationally, Nepal's transport network has not been as smooth as expected, 'he said.' Now we need access to tourism. The number of tourists can be increased by expanding the network to connect fast destinations.