Palpa Festival to be organized next month

13th Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

PALPA, Jan 13: The Palpa Festival is taking place in Palpa's district headquarters of Tansen in the coming month of February.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Palpa is organizing the event from February 23 to March 5 under the banner 'Palpa has unbounded possibilities of agriculture, tourism, industry and trade and opportunities'. The event venue will be set up at Tundikhel of Tansen, Palpa Chamber's President, Mohan Prasad Shrestha said.

Shrestha added that during the event, Palpa will showcase its products and services, and put the manufactured goods for sales and distribution while exhibiting domestic and multi-national products as well.

The festival's attractions include promotion of local culture, performances from national and local artists, photo exhibitions, Palpa's Lakhe dance, open and school level dance competitions.

The world's biggest Palpali pitcher, clothes, garlic and oranges will also be put on display Chamber's Vice President, Shailendra Bhattarai shared.

The festival will  present 300 to 400 stalls and expects to cater to around 250,000 visitors. The Chamber plans to oversee a transaction of around Rs 80 million in the event.

The event to be organized jointly by Palpa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Federation of Nepali Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) will be supported by District Development Committee, Tansen Municipality, District Agriculture Development Office and Cottage and Small Industries Office, Palpa.