Panauti Municipality releases leaflets of must-see places

10th Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 10: The Panauti Municipality of Kavre has made public the places to visit and activities to be done. On Wednesday, the Nepal Tourism Board released leaflets of must-see places within the municipality. The municipality has made public the various places to visit and activities in its municipality and said that there is potential for tourism in Panauti municipality.

It is concluded that there are beautiful places to enjoy the view of the beautiful mountains, fields and mountain ranges. Stating that Panauti is also a place for adventure tourism, the municipality said that there are sports like paragliding and rock climbing for recreational activities in Panauti.

It has been mentioned that Panauti-Namobuddha Hike, Balthali Eco-Trek-Lowland Trek, Sanga-Panauti Hike (Community Hike), Gurdum-Mahabharat Hiking, Mountain Bike (around Fulchowki), Bird Watching (Bird Sightseeing), Yoga Retreat, Tamang Cultural Walk, Jatra Mela must be visited and observed.