Paragliding flourishing at Dharan

9th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

DHARAN, Feb 09: The popular adventure sport of paragliding, which was considered a special attraction of Pokhara, has also spread to Dharan.

Tourist numbers are increasing in Dharan after paragliding found business in the city. The sport is now available to tourists visiting Dharan as well as Bhedetar.

Paragliding is done on the daily in Dharan during favorable weather conditions. Pilots say that Dharan is now a viable alternative to paragliding in Pokhara. On the basis of climate and geographical situation, Dharan is ideal for the sport, say pilots.

Budha Subba Paragliding, which has been operating paragliding flights from Chinde Danda in Dharan and Bhedetar, has also tested flights from new take-ups. With this, Dharan can now host paragliding at 3 different locations.

Of the 8 sides in Nepal, Dharan is a suitable location for paragliding, says pilot Chhitij Batajo. “Wind currents travel through the Terai belt to reach Dharan,” he said, “there are no other places where you can transit to the flats after flying from the hills. One can experience the warm air of Terai flying from the hills, which is a new experience for paragliders.”

Pilot Maniraj Jimi says that one can observe various tourism destinations and the plains of Terai while paragliding from the hills of Dharan. “One can observe the Saptakoshi, Charkoshe forest, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, etc. while paragliding here,” he said.

The first paragliding test flight in Dharan took place in 2067 BS, after which the sport was started commercially. The commercial start of the sport however, only took off properly 4 years earlier with the entry of Sky Adventure and Budha Subba Paragliding.

Operator of Budha Subba Paragliding, Lekhmani Jimi, says that although there are plenty of takeup spots in Dharan, there can be issues if communities spring up in the landing fields. He says that if the local government made effort to preserve the landing fields, the sport of paragliding would be able to grow further.