Parking fees of grounded BB Airways plane reaches Rs. 7.81 million

19th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 19: The airport parking fees of BB Airways, operated by President of NRN Association Bhawan Bhatt, has reached Rs. 7.81 million. The airline had purchased a Boeing 757-200 from NAC on April, 2017 which has remained grounded since purchase at the Tribhuvan International Airport, costing it Rs. 7.81 million in airport parking fees.
The airport parking fees for TIA's 1 million kg category aircraft is USD 770 for 24 hours. The fees that BB Airways is liable to pay has reached USD 74,100 on Sunday.
"The parking fees of the aircraft was paid by NAC till April 2017," said NAC Spokesperson Rabindra Shrestha, "It has been unable to pay the fees having unable to gain the air service operation certificate." Shrestha said that while the NAC has paid the parking fees for the Boeing till now, an agreement has been made for BB Airways to return the amount to the NAC.

The parking, landing, security service, and navigation at TIA has been overseen by the airport itself, and the parking fees are to be paid to the airport. In the economic year 2017, the airport had collected a total of Rs. 121,272,212 in parking fees.