Parliamentary team inspects construction of Rajbiraj Airport

3rd Mar, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

SAPTARI, March 3: A team of parliamentarians from the Committee of International Relations and Labour have taken stock of the under-construction Rajbiraj Airport at Rajbiraj on Thursday.

The construction of the Airport with proposed 500 metres length and 30 metres breadth runway was halted for long and its reconstruction has started recently.

Committee President Prabhu Shah led the team also oversaw the construction works and inquired about its construction to which Rajbiraj Airport Construction Chief Ram Ekbal Mahato promised of completing within the current fiscal year.

The construction of Airport is estimated to cost above Rs 300 million.

Committee Chief Shah pledged that the construction of the Airport was highly prioritized by the Committee and expressed his confidence that the airport would come into operation by the mid-July.

Present on the occasion were the parliamentarians from the Saptari districts, representatives from various political parties, security officials, business persons and media persons who pledged their utmost support for the construction of the under-construction Airport.