Pashupatinath Festival to take place over the New Year

13th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 13: The Pashupatinath Temple is to hold a festival from March 14-21. The festival has been organized to attract domestic as well as foreign tourists in the form of religious tourism as the temple is a major relic for Hindus.

The Pashupati area is currently in high spirits due to the age-old Duruchyachya festival which started on March 10. Over the next week, the area will have various celebrations including the Paanchhare Jatra and Deshodwar Puja, which will be the attractions of the festival, said festival organizer Kedarman Bhandari.

Various different sub-committees have been formed for the festival. The festival will feature religious discourses, documentary showings, Newari and other food dishes, art and cultural presentations by national and international artists.

The festival will also feature free meditation and yoga programs, interschool classical dance and religious music competitions, food festivals, and different religious attractions.