PATA Nepal GATE Student Chapter organizes hospitality student exchange program

20th Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 20: Tourism experts in Nepal have stressed the importance of international collaboration for the development of tourism in the country. They have especially focused on collaboration with south Asian countries like Malaysia which have successful tourism industries.

[caption id="attachment_16637" align="alignnone" width="884"] photo: Pata Nepal Gate Student Chapter[/caption]

PATA Nepal GATE Student Chapter had recently invited the Hospitality and Hotel Management department of the Taylor's University in Malaysia for an exchange program. Lecturers and students from both countries have agreed that the two countries can benefit from engaging in sharing the experience in their tourism sector.

Program Director of the Hospitality department of Taylor's University, Madeline Toh, said "Malaysia has its own experience in tourism promotion. In 2017, Malaysia was able to attract 25.9 million tourists, from which the country gained a profit of 52 billion ringgits. Nepal and Malaysia have many similarities, and we can exchange our experiences in the tourism sector." Toh also said that skilled manpower is very important in the tourism industry, and that the sector can benefit greatly from cooperation between the international-level hotel management teaching institutes in the Asian region.

The program had the attendance of 23 students of Taylor's University, hailing from countries including Malaysia, Japan, China, and Indonesia, as well as 25 students from GATE College of Nepal, alongside lecturers from the respective institutes. This is the first international exchange program between hospitality students organized by PATA Nepal GATE Student Chapter.