Patan High Court issues order to not make appointment

25th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

Kathmandu, Jan 25:  Patan High Court has  issued an interim order not to take any appointment before the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. The court has instructed the direction to not take any action immediately before the ministry made the appointment of Member Secretary and Executive Director in the six committees including Lumbini Development Fund.

The decision was taken by the Minister of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, on Dec. 1 for the appointment of Executive Director and Member Secretary in vacant committees. By taking ministry level decision, the minister of tourism, Jitendra Narayandev, has taken the decision by appointing an interim order even after disagreement with Patan High Court on Monday. The Ministry had decided to appoint the Executive Director and Member Secretary in the Taragaoun Development Committee, Khaptad Area Tourism Development Committee and the Developmental Development Institute Development Development Committee on Dec 7.

In the same date, the Lumbini Development Fund, Devghat Vikas Samiti, Upper Janakpur Vikas Samiti had also conducted an interaction for the executive appointment process. In the short time, Minister Dev made the appointment of executive committee in six different committees, even though the court has become a barrier. On Jan 1  he has requested for the application and to fix an interview on Jan 15.