Patan’s Narsimha Jatra in pictures

14th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

LALITPUR: Narasimha Jatra or “Upakala Sayaa” is one of the oldest Jatra/ Festival of Lalitpur, one of the oldest cities next to Kathmandu. The annual festival of Narsimha Jatra is organized by people of Rajopadhyaya community turn by turn.

This year’s Narashima Jatra started from the premises of Ghanshyam Kanta Rajopadhyaya, Tuilako (Mangalbajar). Every year the Rajopadhyaya’s perform the masked role of Narashimha and make it round to core area of Patan.

People believe that Lord Narasimha will protect them from different natural calamities, diseases and earthquake so this is important to the local people of Patan.

Text/Photo: Aakash Rajopadhyaya