'Pay Now, Go Later' campaign being introduced to support revival of hotel industry

21st May, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 21: Former President of  Regional Hotel Association Nepal,Chitwan, Suman Ghimire came up with the concept of introducing 'Pay Now, Go Later' campaign during this lockdown to support hotel industry of Nepal. Nepal's tourism sector has been adversely affected by the spread of Corona virus infection.

With the help of other tourism entrepreneur of Chitwan and initiation of Suman Ghimire, Former President of  Regional Hotel Association Nepal, Chitwan they have thought of this concept. Under this initiation, the tourists can make pre reservations to there preferred hotels now and then they can travel later as per their convenience. This campaign is being introduced to promote the domestic tourism as well as to save the hotel industry. This scheme is not only introduced in Chitwan, rather it will be introduced in entire country.

Suman Ghimire, Former President of  Regional Hotel Association Chitwan, said that under this scheme if the tourist does booking worth 10,000 then after 60 days the tourists can get facility worth 15,000 rupees. " The booking will be valid only after 60 days starting from the date the reservation was made," he said. "After getting few amount of money in advance through this campaign, they are planning to provide immediate relief to the workers of hotel industry. Interested ones can book their plan at paynowgolater.com. This website will work as a bridge between the hotels and the costumers," he added.

He also mentioned that around 19 hotels have showed their interest towards their initiation and they are expecting participation of 25 hotels soon. There is also the condition of full refund policy if the tourists cancels their plan.