Peak Profile of mountains being created by NMA

23rd Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 23: A Peak Profile is going to be created by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) with the permission of Nepal government. In the profile detailed information about 414 mountains will be provided within the last week of December.

Managing Director of the Tourism Department, Danduraj Ghimire said that the work of creating profile is almost completed and he said that the climbers will be able to get more detailed information about the peak. The Peak profile will include the height of the peak, route, location, fees charged, and duration of climbing and suitable season for climbing. Due to all the information provided the climbers will be properly guided.

After the completion of the profile the viewers can view the information's about the peaks in the website of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Tourism Department and Nepal Mountaineering Association. According to the Chairman of the Association, Santabir Lama said that around 3 million people can gather information about the peaks at one time. The work of creating profile started from year 2016.

There are some of the mountains that have not been climbed yet and after the creation of profile of those 86 mountains government will be allowing people to climb those mountains. NMA has provided permission to climb only 27 mountains. The mountain ranges from 5,000-6,000. Lama said that the mountain ranging more than 6,000 is looked after by the government.